Fidelis New Name
New Name, Same Team.

Our company name has changed. Our experienced, personal, and local service has not.

Welcome to Fidelis Medical Company: Your Partner in Healthcare Excellence

At Fidelis Medical Company, we’re committed to providing innovative, cost-effective medical equipment and services. Specializing in state-of-the-art solutions for health facilities, ambulatory surgical centers, and hospitals, our mission is to enhance healthcare efficiency and performance. Discover how our top-quality products can elevate patient care and reduce operational costs.

Fidelis Medical Company: Evolving from Jaenchen Medical Resources

For nearly three decades, we’ve been known as Jaenchen Medical Resources. With our transition to Fidelis Medical Company under Jon Matthews, we uphold our tradition of excellence. Our founder, Pete Jaenchen, continues to contribute his expertise, ensuring that our values of exceptional local service and integrity remain unchanged. Join us as we embrace our rich history and look forward to a future of continued excellence and growth.

Why Choose Fidelis Medical Company?

Exclusive Skytron Distributor: Trusted in Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin for over 20 years.
Expert Consultation & Design Services: Specializing in state-of-the-art medical facilities including operating rooms and intensive care units.
Dedicated Project Management: Ensuring the success of your healthcare projects.
Industry Leaders: Pioneers in designing hospital and outpatient facility projects.
Personalized Service: Tailored attention to meet your unique needs.
Certified Local Technicians: Specialized in Skytron equipment.

Partnering with Skytron for Innovative Solutions

Since 1996, Fidelis Medical Company has been a proud partner of Skytron, jointly delivering versatile, reliable, and cost-effective healthcare solutions.

Introducing LogiQuip & TrenGuard: Enhancing Your Medical Equipment Portfolio

We’re excited to expand our product offerings with LogiQuip and TrenGuard. LogiQuip revolutionizes inventory management and storage, optimizing space and efficiency. TrenGuard, by D.A. Surgical, offers a leading Trendelenburg positioning system with innovative No-Slide technology, ensuring unparalleled patient safety and comfort.