Skytron’s Circle of Solutions



When you are working on a case, the equipment you are using should be the last thing on your mind. Our products are built to last with the best quality materials, letting you keep your focus on the task at hand.


Reduce the time spent on switching equipment for different procedures. Our product’s extensive selection of models and customizable options are designed in mind for you and all your specific needs.

Cost Savings

We understand that your investments are important to you. Our products have a great return on investment and can help cut down on costs associated with utilities, chemicals, and Operating Room turnaround.

Explore all of our offerings in Clinical, Infection Prevention, Clinical Business Intelligence, and Architectural solutions.

A Complete Solution

Our complete line of solutions satisfies a broad range of your healthcare facility’s needs. We offer innovative technologies for the OR, Hybrid Room, ER, CSSD, ICU, Labor & Delivery departments, exam rooms and much more. Each of our product lines work together to give you exactly what you need: efficiency, versatility, reliability, and cost savings.

Skytron Equipment

Our Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions

Our broad portfolio of solutions caters to various needs of your healthcare facility. We specialize in a diverse range of areas:

The Operating Room (OR)

Hybrid Room

Emergency Room (ER)

Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD)

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Labor & Delivery Departments

Exam Rooms

Each product line is designed to offer efficiency, versatility, reliability, and cost savings. Our innovative technologies work in harmony, delivering exactly what your facility needs.