Reconditioned Surgical Tables and Lights

On occasion, we purchase used equipment and offer it up for sale.  Upon purchasing a surgical table, our Skytron certified service techs will completely disassemble the table to replace inner seals and any components that wear out over time. They will also check fluid levels, install new batteries, add new Velcro to the tops, and replace the power cord and receptacle, if necessary. A new Skytron hand control will also be included in the sale.  All reconditioned equipment comes with a 1-year parts and labor warranty.  Below is a list of equipment that we have for sale currently.  

Surgical Tables

Skytron 3600B Ultra Slide (Qty 2)

Skytron 6700B Hercules, Rotation Top (Qty 1)

Skytron 6701 Hercules, Rotation Top  (Qty 3)

Skytron 6702 Hercules, Rotation Top (Qty 2)


Skytron Stellar XL – Set of 2, with arms and wall control

* We maintain the accuracy of this list as carefully as possible.  Generally, allow 3-4 weeks for refurbishment and processing.  Please contact us for pricing.  Thank you!