TrenGuard with our patented bolster does what sticky foam pads can’t

There are many options for securing patients in Trendelenburg. Can you depend on them to keep patients from sliding each and every time? With TrenGuard, you can.

TrenGuard features a revolutionary bolster with No-Slide™ technology. It is the first and only Trendelenburg patient positioning system clinically proven to ensure patients stay in place by supporting the trapezius muscles—eliminating:

  • under-body pads (which restrict repositioning),
  • constricting chest straps (which can inhibit ventilation),
  • shoulder braces (which can cause brachial plexus injury),
  • time-consuming tape and foam.

The power of experience

TrenGuard was invented by Dan Allen, a pioneer in patient positioning who brought the world the renowned Allen Universal Boot Stirrups®. Since Dan introduced TrenGuard, it has been used in more than half a million procedures with no attributed sliding or post-operative pain.


With real-world experience like that, it’s no wonder it has become a mainstay in Trendelenburg procedures for many medical institutions around the world.

The power of safety

Patient sliding while in the Trendelenburg position has many risks, such as1-3:

Nerve Injury

Skin and Shear Injury

Incisional Tears During
Robotics Surgery

Hernia Formation Following Robotics Surgery

With TrenGuard, sliding-associated risks no longer exist*
That’s because of our novel, proprietary bolster, a small, comfortable foam bolster that prevents patient slides by nestling in the cervical concavity proximal to the trapezius muscles. In a clinical study conducted at a major US health system looking at more than 500 procedures using TrenGuard1:


The power of efficiency

TrenGuard with the bolster makes Trendelenburg positioning fast and easy. Because of its cutting-edge design:

• No repositioning delays as with sticky foam pads and chest straps

• No extra equipment required, such as shoulder braces or tape and foam

*When TrenGuard is used as directed.

Low Per-Procedure Cost

Minimal Waste

Small Footprint for Minimal Storage Space

Flexibility to Work with
Any OR Table