1602 Essentia Surgical Table

Skytron’s unique tabletop rotation of the 1602 Essentia allows for better surgical/imaging access by rotating the table away from the base. Expect higher productivity, safety and lower cost of downtime and ongoing component replacement.  The 1602 Essentia features a value-driven design that is made to help any OR manage more procedures with one economical table.

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Providing Essential Needs at a High Value

The 1602 Essentia provides exclusive top rotation in a streamlined design.  Achieve surgical and imaging access with its 180° rotation, similar to our specialty tables, at an impressive value.  The 1602 Essential is designed for performance, and helps any operating room or surgery center manage more procedures with one economical table.

Exceptional Imaging Efficiency

  • Achieve extensive imaging access at the head and foot end of the table
  • Easily Permit rotational access by a turn of the handle
  • Simple rotation toward the C-arm station at the foot end of the table

Simple Surgical Positioning

  • Great capacity to handle increased specialty cases
  • Seamless integration with accessories and imaging equipment
  • Ready to perform for a wide range of patients and procedures

Reliability & Versatility

  • Electro hydraulic cylinders for quiet and smooth operation
  • Battery powered backup in case of power loss
  • One-touch Pendent Control for simple maneuvering

1602 Essentia Details

  • 180° top rotation
  • 500 lb. lift and articulation capacity
  • Battery power
  • Positioning options include 90° back-up position
  • Durable stainless steel base is easy to clean
  • 27 3/16″ – 40 15/16″ adjustable height table
  • 23° lateral tilt
  • 28° Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg
  • 90° back-up for beach chair and fowler positioning

Performance & Value for Versatile Operating Rooms

The 1602 Essentia general purpose surgical table works to fit your unique procedures covering essential needs like:

  • Bariatric
  • Cardiovascular
  • ENT/Opthalmology
  • Imaging
  • Robotic
  • Urology
  • and more!


1602 Essentia Surgical Table

Skytron 1602 Essential Brochure

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Skytron 1602 Essentia Owner's Manual

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