Integrity Sterilizers

Skytron is the first in the market to offer an integrated water conservation system, reducing water consumption by 35% to 65%. Also, process up to two times more than the competition in a smaller footprint. We offer three different sizes of Skytron Integrity Sterilizers so we can outfit your Sterile Processing Department with exactly what you need.


Product Features:
  • Conserve Water
  • Skytron Integrity Sterilizers feature a water recirculation system within the existing footprint using 65% less water than comparative models.
  • Save Time
  • Create custom cycles to run exactly how you want and stay compliant with the most complex IFUs.
  • Preserve Space
  • Integrity 215 handles twice the throughput of our nearest competitor in a smaller footprint.

Additional information


When it comes to instrument sterilization technology, we understand that your needs are unique – in capacity, efficiency, speed, space, and more. That’s why we’ve developed a family of sterilizers that meets the needs of a broad range of healthcare environments. The Integrity line of steam sterilizers builds on Skytron’s history of quality and innovation with industry-changing efficiency, throughput, ease of use, and use of space. Whether you’re outfitting a new facility, renovating an older one, or simply replacing outdated technology, Integrity brings superior technology and versatility that improves your sterile processing workflow.


Easy to Operate

  • Easily check cycle status with a large countdown timer and progress bar
  • Electric power door offers hand-free control
  • 12 preset standard cycles with room for 12 more custom cycles


Capacities to Meet Diverse Needs

  • Integrity 175 models are compact – a great choice for a tight footprint
  • Integrity 215 doubles competitive validated capacity from three 25lb trays to six–that’s 150 lbs per cycle
  • Integrity 270 processes up to 16 trays or 400 pounds per cycle


Great in Tight Spaces

  • Integrity 215 handles twice the throughput of our nearest competitor in a smaller footprint
  • Plug-and-Play installation to make replacing outdated technology simple
Integrity Sterilizers