Stainless Columns

Simplified Ceiling-Mounted Service.  Add simplified and efficient access to medical gases, electrical service, and communication ports to any healthcare space with Skytron’s ceiling-mounted columns. The columns are available as either fixed or electrically retractable and are designed to offer optimal service without compromising valuable floor space. The columns are an ideal solution for the OR, ER, endoscopic room, or other clinical environment looking to optimize workflows.

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Product Benefits

  • These columns are offered in the electric retractable version or fixed model.
  • Ergonomically designed to accommodate up to 28 services.
  • Available with integrated CO2 or nitrogen control panel.
  • The unit allows installation of a peripheral rail under the column to add related accessories.
  • When raised, the electric retractable column allows more space.  It can easily be lowered to give trouble-free hook-up to services.
  • Electrical devices are pre-wired and medical gas outlets are terminated to a single point connection at the top of the unit.
Stainless Columns