Stainless Scrub Sinks

Manufactured of the highest quality possible, we deliver a full line of fully functional Surgical Scrub Sinks & Processing Sinks.  Combining the best materials, components, and craftsmanship available, each sink is configured to each customer’s specific needs.

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Designed to provide the highest degree of durability and ease of use.

Each of Skytron’s scrub sinks allows hands-free operation with the standard knee-kick control. Preset water temperatures are dispensed automatically and the aerator can be adjusted to provide either a stream or rosette spray. Skytron’s stainless scrub sinks will not corrode because we use high-quality stainless steel throughout the entire structure of the sink. This lengthens product life while lowering total cost of ownership.

Skytron’s Stainless Steel Scrub Sinks provide quality, convenience and flexibility for every clinical need. Scrub Sinks are available with knee-kick and/or optional infrared module for “hands-free” operation. In addition, the optional Eye Wash (EW) feature provides a central, visible location to all staff, and saves valuable floor and wall space.

A highly visible, deck mounted mixing valve provides optimal temperature control. Deep sloped sink design minimizes backsplash, while plexiglass splash dividers prevent cross-bay contamination. High quality gooseneck faucet(s) create wide, “rosette-style” spray or steady stream dependent upon user preference. Large 1-1/2″ drain(s) promote fast and efficient water drainage for every scrub cycle.

Differentiating Features

• Solid 300 series Stainless Steel base

• Adjustable Stream/Rosette Aerator – meets individual preferences for comfort and saturation of hands with water during the scrub process

• Drain in every bay reduces the potential for unwanted bacteria development (no trough design)

• One hot/cold hook-up with optional multiple thermostatic mixing valves (applicable to dual or triple bay sinks)

• Knee kick inclusion even with IR feature (dependability in event of losing power)

• Original provider of eye wash feature in scrub sinks using tepid water

Optional Equipment

• Eye Wash Feature

• Infrared Module(s)

• Wall Support System

• Back Shelf

• Laminar Flow Nozzles

• Additional deck mounted mixing valve

• Knee-operated soap

• Foot-operated soap

Stainless Scrub Sinks

Skytron Stainless Scrub Sink Brochure

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Skytron Stainless Scrub Sink Owner's Manual

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